A Leap of Faith

I’ve never been fond of heights.  High places always give me an actual physical shudder through my body.  I was always the one who kept the kids away from the edge of the scenic overlook.  I couldn’t stand to watch my husband take the children on the Ferris wheel—he loved to swing the chair just for me.  I still drive on the inside lane over high bridges. And I can’t even comprehend why someone would bungee jump.So it was breathtaking for me when the Lord told me not long ago to take a flying leap—of faith!New ministry opportunities caused me to spend a lot of time with God, seeking wisdom, strength, courage, faith—and clear direction—for these responsibilities.  My husband’s response:  "Relax.  The job is impossible.  Only God can do it."I consistently acknowledged that I am unworthy and inadequate for this privilege and opportunity.  But God  assured me that He had, indeed, called me to it.  So I  told Him that I am His—totally available to be and do all He has for me.But I wasn’t quite ready for His response. From my journal:Lord, You tell me, "Leap into the abyss.  Throw yourself off the cliff—no bungee cord, no net.  Nothing but ‘My life is in Your hands.’"I have said, "Yes—that is my heart’s desire, my intention, my commitment."  But the test is scary.  I hope You catch me quickly.  Maybe a little freefall is exhilarating, but not for long, Lord.So I leapt—by faith.  I didn’t know how high the cliff was.  I didn’t know what all I would encounter.It has been a long leap.  I’m still not sure all that God is doing in me—He seems rather intent on some major refining.  And He has only revealed a glimpse of what He wants to do through me.But I do know this: MY LIFE IS IN HIS HANDS!c Judy Douglass