Advent (3): Crowning Him King

If I really stop to think about Christmas and what it means, I am truly in awe of my God.He loved me—and you—so much He was willing to be “incarnate,” to become a human being.  He so desired to be with me—and you—that He called Jesus “Immanuel,” God with us.  Jesus lived among us, healed,  taught, modeled—and died.  And He rose again.Advent is truly just the beginning.  And we only truly experience Christmas when we receive His gift to us, and we crown Him as King in our hearts.Day 22:  Jesus comes healing—our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our emotions, our pasts, our relationships.Day 23:  Jesus comes seeking the lost—those who know they are lost and those who don’t.Day 24:  Jesus comes as the Resurrection, triumphing over death and grave, now and forever, and raising us with Him.Day 25:  Jesus comes as the LIFE, offering us eternal life with Father, Son, Spirit and all of us together who believe, and abundant life today on this earth.Day 26:  Jesus comes as Messiah/Savior, saving us from sin and from ourselves, reconciling us to our God!Christmas Eve:  Jesus comes as Immanuel, promising, desiring to be with us.  God living with us!Christmas Day:  The King has come!  He humbly awaits His crowning in our hearts!May we daily make Him King of our lives!<<  First  <  Prev