The Great Gull War

The sea gull was out to steal, and destroy if necessary. The place was the Sea World bridge on the way to Shamu’s Happy Harbor. The target was Ethan’s granola bar. The strategy was shock and awe. The plan was to swoop from behind Debbie’s head, grab the granola bar from the unsuspecting 2-year-old and make like a bandit away. And that’s how it went down—almost. Gull wings brushed Debbie’s hair.  Bird claw scratched Ethan’s face.  But the greedy gull had not counted on the alert watchfulness of Jeedoo. Just as the perp reached for the morsel, Jeedoo swooped in, arms flailing, voice shouting, startling the bird and probably adding to Ethan’s fright.  Tears, wipes, Neosporin, hugs. We continued across the bridge.  But Evil Gull was not to be eluded.  Same tactic, same effort, same result.  Only Jeedoo was prepared and he didn’t get close this time. But the bird trauma was real—there was no returning via the bridge. We have an enemy.  He is a thief who comes to steal and kill and destroy. But we have a defender who is ever alert, ready to protect, intervene, divert the attacks of our adversary.  He has armed us with all we need and stands with us always. His name is Jesus.C2011 Judy Douglass