No Questions Asked

You would have thought he was in kindergarten:  (Hand waving frantically) “Me!  Me!  Send me!”Who was this eager emissary?The prophet Isaiah.  His story is told in Isaiah 6.He had just seen the glory of the Lord, fallen on his face bemoaning his unclean lips—and had those same lips seared by an angel with a hot coal! So when God (Father, Son and Spirit) remarked, “Who will go for us?  Whom shall we send?”, Isaiah was the first to volunteer.I might not have been so quick to respond.  I’m sure I would have had a few questions:Go where?When?For how long?With whom?Will I like my teammates?Pay rate?  Will it affect my lifestyle?Benefits?Will the job fit my strengths?  My EQ?Will it be fun?Will I be successful?Reasonable questions, surely.  But not needful to Isaiah.Just, “Here I am.  Send me.  Wherever, whenever, to do whatever, with whomever.”Sure, he and God discussed the details—and his assignment was no easy task —but the questions and answers came only after Isaiah had signed on the dotted line.God’s will in anything—a job or ministry, a relationship, a location—can be challenging, and we never know where it will take us.  But God asks each one of us to say, “Here I am.  Send me.”  Then He will fill in the details and slowly unfold the amazing opportunities He has planned for us.What is He asking you to do?  Can you say, “Here I am!  Send me!”C 2011 Judy Douglass