A Blessing for You

One of my favorite things is to bless people, and my daily blessings over the past weeks seem to have blessed many.  So I have chosen some of the ones that brought the most response for "A Blessing for You."This blessing just fits on a page, if you use the right font and size. Wordpress changes my layout, so you may want to recenter it, especially the title.  You can print it out for yourself, or to give to another.  Put someone's name in it, frame it and give a blessing.  You can choose your favorite blessings and make it smaller, to fit in a 5x7 frame.Read more about writing and giving blessings in my Scattering Blessings post.So be blessed:A BLESSING FOR YOU

               May you know that God delights in you and is crazy in love with you.         Zephaniah 3:17

           May you know that you have been rescued from darkness and brought into the light of the Son. Colossians 1:13

May you know that God will be with you when you go through the floodwaters and through the flames.   Isaiah 43:2

May you be built up, not torn down; planted, not uprooted.  May you turn to God with all your heart.   Jeremiah 24:6-7

                   May you comprehend that it gives God joy to always do good to you.        Jeremiah 32:40

                          May all the days and years of your life stolen by the evil one be restored.                 Joel 2:25

                       May the light of your life shine brightly into the darkness around you.             Matthew 5:14

  May the saltiness of your life make people around you thirsty for the living water.  Matthew 5:13

                             May your faith cause you to take risks in the power of the Holy Spirit.              Luke 8:25

May God take the hurts and losses of your life and redeem them in great blessing and healing to many people. Isaiah 58:11-12

               May the sacrificial love of Jesus cause you to lay down your life for others daily.   John 15:12-13

May you never settle for less than God’s best.