Are You a Culture Rebel?--Guest Post

Culture Rebel.I love this phrase and this concept.I know I can be pretty rebellious.  I’ve always desired that my rebellion is not against God, or what should be, but against what shouldn’t be, or should be different.  I think that is usually true.That’s what this Kindling blog is about—starting fires in hearts and minds.But I know I still settle in comfortably to the culture of the world way too often.  I keep asking God to make me dissatisfied and uncomfortable with the way some things are.  And willing to try to help encourage change—in myself and in others.So I was really excited when my new Redbud Writers Guild friend Connie Jakab launched her new site, Culture Rebel, this week.  I like what she is saying and where she is going.  I hope you will to.So click on over to Culture Rebel to read her introductory blog post.  I think you will be glad you did!  And may it fan some flames in your life.(The contest she offers is already over.  Sorry.)