I love words.  I love discovering—and using--new words.  Words are treasures to find and share.Sometimes I take sneaky pleasure in using words most people won’t know—true confession.I have no artistic or musical gifts.  Math and science escape me.  Engineering is incomprehensible to my mind.But words.   I can tell a story, weave a dream, preach a sermon….Some of my favorite words are used to describe my God—and how He feels about me:Reckless love—that called the Son of God from heaven to become the Son of Man on earth.Furious longing—for me, to know me, to be with me, to love me.  (Thanks Brennan Manning.)Relentless pursuit—that never gives up seeking to find and woo and win me.Lavish generosity—that gave it all and continues to give and give.Extravagant grace—that flows over and in every crevice of my life, and never runs dry.Outrageous  mercy—that forgives the guilt of all the sins of one so reprehensible and unworthy as I.Scandalous sacrifice—that God would die in my place that I might live with Him forever. I am undone by this God.  On my face. What are your favorite words to describe God? C2011 Judy Douglass