Are You Ready to Be Radical?

I thought you were supposed to get set in your ways, reactionary, sedentary as you get older.I’m just getting more and more radical.  I want to stir things up, start fires, cause change.I loved reading Radical by David Platt, and even more loved hearing him speak this summer in Colorado.  Of course, it was hard to believe someone who looked like he was barely 20 could have such wisdom.My friend Natasha Robinson and her friend Sophie were deeply affected by the same book.  They have issued a Radical challenge and have invited you and me to join in.  Sophie will be doing a monthly Radical Living blog, which I will be posting.You can read Natsha’s post at her A Sista’s Journey blog—she gives all the details. So click on over and start some fires and cause some change.Are you ready to be Radical?