A Letter from Me, Redbud Writers, En Espanol, Secrets of Success

Dear Kindling Friends,I am so grateful that you read Kindling.  I love writing this blog, and hope that occasionally it helps to start fires in your heart and mind.I know you haven’t seen too much from me lately, and you won’t for another month.  I am speaking and traveling a great deal.  The priority is preparing messages and being with the people where I am.  So finding time to write has been a challenge!I know, though, that you are enjoying the guest posts from my Redbud Writers Guild sisters:Working with Empty by Ilona HadingerMy Grandma’s Smile Just Changed Your Life by Amy Simpson Trials in the Vineyard by Vivian MabuniThe Nature of Love Is to Expand by Jennifer GrantRadical Experiment: Put Yourself in a New Context by Natasha RobinsonMore to come.And for those who speak Spanish, we have posted two more of my translated blogs.  You can see all of them at the En Espanol tab above, or the two latest: El Día que Llevamos Gozo a Todos en Walmart Amo Mí EspacioEach week I will be posting some thoughts on Grace, as part of the preparation for the June 2 Worldwide Day of Prayer for Prodigals.  You can read the introduction here, and I will greatly appreciate your prayers as I seek the Lord for each of these.Finally, if you know a graduate, I hope you will consider giving my little book, Secrets of Success.  These are 12 letters I wrote to my children when they were in high school—each encouraging them with a different “secret of success” for life.  It is short, but hopefully profoundly impacting:  “30 minutes to read, a lifetime to apply.”I love that I am getting to know some of you as you comment—I love comments.  And I truly appreciate your shares and tweets.  Let me know if there is something you would like to see in Kindling.  And I am grateful for your prayers in this very busy time for me.  God has been blessing greatly.For more fires in hearts and minds,Judy