A Tribute to My Husband

Steve and JudyUpdating this for this year.  Still say all these things about my wonderful husband.Today’s our anniversary.  Thirty-nine years ago Steve and I said "I do" on the lawn of the Arrowhead Springs Hotel.  Bill Bright officiated at the wedding.  Family and friends celebrated with us.And we are still together.  Three children added incredible joy and a few real challenges to our lives.  Now I love our grown children--they are wonderful friends to us--and their spouses. Our grandchildren have greatly enriched our lives.But the best of all is being married to this man.  Let me tell you why!

He loves God.

It is wonderful to partner with a man who loves God above all—even more than He loves me.  He seeks, listens, follows, obeys our Lord on a moment-by-moment level.  I could go on.

He loves me.

He has always loved me well.  But in recent years he has increasingly shown what it means to love like Christ loves, to sacrifice for me, to give preference to me.  I marvel at his goodness to me.  I could go on.

He serves me.

His favorite way to serve me is to fix my coffee in the morning, bring it to me and keep my cup filled.  But there are so many other ways:  He always washes the dishes after meals, he usually beats me to doing the laundry, he picks up the house (I am more tolerant), he does our finances (probably in self defense), he gets the oil changed on my red Mustang convertible…. I could go on.  I feel so pampered.

He believes in me.

I do think he thinks I can do anything.  He has more confidence in me than I do.  I have taken faith risks because he was sure I should/could.  He is always saying, “You can do that.”  He has always helped with the kids,  agreed to expenditures, come along to pray for my ministry opportunities.  And he listens to me—ideas, passions, concerns.  I could go on.

He encourages me.

As the more emotional one of us (understatement), I sometimes get down or discouraged or overwhelmed.  Always he is there with attention, comfort, perspective—or an invitation out to dinner.  He has learned not to try to solve every problem, except when I ask for help.  He is so good at believing the best and helping me to also.  He is so wise.  I could go on.

He considers me a true partner.

We have always done our marriage together.  For our walk with God, in our living and loving together, in parenting, in ministry, we are partners.  We each have our responsibilities, our strengths, our contributions.   We think, plan, study the Word, pray, work as a team.  This is a great high performance team!  I could go on.

Oh yes.  He fixes things.

The only things I can fix are words, and maybe feelings.  But he can fix almost anything.  When it breaks, I buy new.  He repairs.  And he loves it—thinking of creative ways to solve a problem.   Ask about lawn mowers and irons. I could go on.

Oh the differences!

He’s steady, I’m volatile.  He's contained, I’m emotional.  He’s always cold, I’m always hot.  He is thrifty, I could give it all away.  He says "no" better than I do, but not a great strength for either of us.  He likes movies, I like books.  He thinks strategically, I think compassionately. I could go on.

And the oneness.

God is so creative:  We have the same passion for the Lord and for our family.  We both love to stay home when we can.   We don’t like wasting time, but we can relax.  We love to be together, but are okay to be apart.  We don’t really like traveling, but will go anywhere to serve the Lord and our staff.Okay.  I could go on.  But I won’tThank You, Lord.  I am so blessed and so grateful!c2011 Judy Douglassen español:  Tributo a mi Esposo