What's Better Than Small Talk?

I have a question.That’s what my friend Bob Tiede says all the time.  At least in his blog, Leading with Questions.  As Director of Global Operations Leadership Development for Cru, Bob focuses on helping our staff around the world grow in their leadership skills—by asking better questions.Bob invited me to guest post today.  What's Better Than Small Talk?The introvert in me resists social settings filled with strangers I must talk to.But that is a common component of my job:  meeting, greeting, welcoming new people.  Casual conversation at a reception or over dinner.   Exactly the kind of interaction I don’t prefer.But my goal is to make these people feel comfortable, to get to know them and introduce them to our ministry.  To begin to build a relationship—with me and with our organization.To read the rest of the post, click over to Bob’s blog, Leading with Questions.