Open Hearts at Easter

Our Easter guests included a mom and her 5-year-old daughter.

I asked the girl, Jenny, if she knew what Easter was about.  That was easy to answer:  the Easter bunny and eggs and candy.

Her mom jumped in:  “I know.  It has something to do with Jesus dying on the cross and coming alive again.”

So we had a great conversation about all that Easter represented.  It was the first of several leading up to both of them meeting Jesus.

Easter is one of the best times in the world to open conversation about who Jesus is, why he came, what he offers.

One thing he offers is wholeness and healing and hope in a broken world.And one of the best short videos to explain that is “Falling Plates.”


I have a challenge for you:  Watch the video.  Repost it on your Facebook , on Twitter, in your Google + circles.  And even better, if you have a blog, write your own blog to draw people to watch this video.  You can use this link and hashtag: and #FallingPlates.

Then be sure to engage in the conversations that follow.  Share your own story of brokenness, of meeting Jesus, of being loved by Jesus, of walking with Jesus.

And may you be God’s arms of love to bring many of your friends and family into His family.

What about you?  How will you share Falling Plates?