Like a Bolt of Lightning


What was that?

The Emergency Alert sound startled Dayle and me as we sipped our tea at the Wild Boar Café.  It was coming from my purse—my phone, warning of severe weather and possible flash flooding.

I’ve never received such an alert before, but soon there was another.

Thunder, lightning and driving rain followed quickly.

Then a loud explosion caused every patron in the room to jump and scream.  Simultaneous thunder and  lightning sounded like a direct hit on the building.But Dayle could see out the window—a lightning bolt hit and split a large tree.

Once we settled down, we expressed concern that no one was hurt.  Then we walked over for a closer look.  Police tape kept us from getting too close.   Gratefully the weather had scattered the many people who frequent the popular park and gardens.

The news just showed an aerial view of the bisected tree.

The same rainstorm caused flash floods in a nearby area denuded by fires last year.

And a woman miraculously escaped when a flood-caused sinkhole swallowed her and her car.

So my takeaway?  You never know what may happen in an instant. The only time we know we have is right now.  I think I’ll stay as close to Jesus as I can.

What about you?  When have you experienced that unexpected moment?