Retro: No Fear at All

In 1970 I was editor of Collegiate Challenge, a campus evangelistic magazine.  It was the height of the student revolution, and literature, flyers, pamphlets and newspapers were everywhere proclaiming the messages of the day.  We began each issue of our magazine with a photo feature speaking to a hot issue.  I wrote the copy, and Bob Cording (and others) did stellar photography.  The objective was to help open conversation with students.

No Fear at All by Judy Downs

Fearfully, hopefullyI offered a partof myself.

Taking a chance.

What if you took it

And carelessly used it,

that fragment of my heart,

or worse,

what if you didn’t take it at all.

Fearfully, hopefully

I tried to make something

of myself.

Taking a chance.

What if I failed?

What if I met no needs

and found no satisfaction

or worse

what if I become no one at all?

Fearfully, hopefullyI began to love someone

besides myself.

Taking a chance.

What if I hurt him

or loved him unwisely

or too selfishly

or worse

what if I didn’t really love at all?

Painfully, lovingly

You died for me, giving all

of Yourself.

Taking a chance.

You accepted me,

You made me someone

and gave me Your love

and more…in your love I have no fear at all.

What about you?  What do you fear?

C 2013, 1973

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