Introducing Soaring: Guest Post by Susan Heckmann, Gail Porter

I love seeing people discover God and who He made them to be. SOARING is one of the only courses I know that can be used with a small group of Christians and non-Christians, or all non-Christians.  It’s a beautiful book. Women are first drawn to its beauty, but during the course their lives are transformed because of the discoveries they make.I’ve asked the authors, Susan Heckmann and Gail Porter, to share with you a little more about this new evangelistic life-coaching course for women.

Are you looking for a unique way to reach the hearts of non-Christian women and share the gospel with them? Would you like to have a small group evangelistic resource to use in your neighborhood, on your campus, in your office, or with friends or family? SOARING may be the very resource you’re looking for.

SOARING: Going from where you are to where you want to be is a small group evangelistic, life-coaching course that any Christian woman can easily facilitate. In this course women identify and celebrate their uniqueness, consider God as their life foundation and discover their direction in life as they pursue their personal life design.

What participants are saying about this course

This course did more for me than 8 years of therapy and 12-Step meetings. I discovered who I uniquely am, my life's purpose and my personal core values. I now have clear direction and a skill set that enables me to live purposefully and intentionally.


This course rooted my beliefs, cemented my strengths and allowed me a reason to be authentic and know it is OK. 


This was a life changing experience. Words cannot express how thankful I am for this training. 


The theme of a personal design for life as a woman was excellent, because it fulfills the unique needs of women…whether mother, wife, friend.


What a special delight it has been to explore and confirm my core values, passions and uniqueness!  The study is an excellent life-coaching resource which I would highly recommend to others. 

Jo Beth

I’m very fortunate to be in the group. It’s a life-awareness to me, to come to discover myself, my life journey. I listened and learned a lot from everyone. I’m in the direction of achieving my goals. 


A meaningful . . . connection between women in a variety of seasons. Learning from one another and knowing your feelings are understood is empowering and inspiring. 


We are thankful to God for showing us His heartbeat for those who don’t yet know Him. We pray that as you use this resource it will help open women’s eyes and hearts to God’s offer to meet the longing of their hearts and be their life foundation. May many of your non-Christian friends step into a personal relationship with God because you have chosen to join in His mission of seeking and saving the lost.

What about you?  Do you know your life mission?

For more information: Soaring