I Switched


I did it!I switched to a Mac. A Mac Air to be specific.I’ve been thinking about if for several years.

What took so long? 

1.  Remember, I’m old.  Learning new technology is always a challenge for me.  I was told it could take me a month to learn to navigate a Mac.  I got it about four hours ago, had an hour of orientation from my friend Traci, and here I am, writing a blog post on it. With for a little more help from Traci via text and one thing I did on my old computer.

2.  My wonderful tech of several years told me it wasn’t a good idea for me.

3.  It costs a lot more.

So why now?

1.  I got tired of hearing “Get a Mac” from many different people.

2.  I discovered even my writer friends loved theirs.

3.  It is sooo light. Airlines are getting stricter on weight allowance, and this weighs so little.  My shoulder will also thank me.

4.  And the most persuasive reason?  I seem to have some sort of technology destruction gene in me.  I have more trouble with my computer than 5-6 people combined.  I’m pretty sure my last machine has a demon—every action was taking 5-10 times longer than it should.  The theory is the solid state circuitry in the Mac will stand up much better--even to me.

We will see.

I am especially excited that I was able to get a great cover in exactly the right shade of red.  All my travel accessories are red.  Plus a lot of my clothes.  Well coordinated.

I get my first full training session next week—then I will be unstoppable I’m sure.

So rejoice with me.

What about you?  What do you use and why?

C2014 Judy Douglass