Kingdom Women: Mary-If I Were Your Doula by Kourtney Street

This is part of an ongoing series on Kingdom Women—women God has used and is using in His great Kingdom endeavor.  We will meet these women in God’s Word, in the early church, in the dark  ages, in the past great missionary efforts and among today’s true followers of Jesus.  Appropriately today we look at the mother of Jesus.


Shortly after our wedding, I began devouring books about midwifery and childbirth. By the time the line on the pregnancy test turned blue three years into our marriage, I knew the path I wanted to travel. A spinal tap during high school had left me more terrified of another needle in my back than I was of birthing a baby. We secured a brilliant midwife and took a childbirth class. We also hired a doula, a woman who serves a pregnant woman and her partner before, during, and after birth with physical and emotional support. Our doula, Heather, helped us transform the sterile hospital room into a sacred space as we greeted our first son. An international move determined that our next two boys were birthed in different places. Thankfully, both were welcomed with the assistance of a doula. Five years ago, the served became the serving when I was invited to assist at a birth for a dear friend whose husband was set to be deployed. Wholeheartedly embracing her request, I pursued formal training as a doula: classes, more books, papers, and eventually, many more births. And you, Mary. You are never far from my mind as I attend women and their husbands in extreme vulnerability. Usually portrayed as meek and mild, you were the traveling teenager who birthed God in a stable. You helicopter mommed Jesus into his first miracle. You chose eye contact, not safety, as you watched your son brutally die. There were so many opportunities to segue to the easy. You chose the hardest way. You were instinctively courageous. You always stayed. Bravest one. Mary. I often imagine what it would have been like to be with you that night. I hope that some kind woman heard your cries and came.  

If I Were Your Doula 

If I were your doula, I would have come

When the stable owner spoke, pleading

When he heard your deep groaning

When Joseph begged him for a birth woman  

If I were your doula, I would have explained

When you were unsure of the unfolding

When the pain encircled

When you peeked and viewed terror in Joseph’s kind eyes 

If I were your doula, I would have caressed

When you yelled for your mother

When you begged for release

When you doubted your courage  

If I were your doula, I would have dispelled

When the time came for pushing

When you wanted to die

When Joseph’s tears slid streaming  

If I were your doula, I would have knelt

When your blood came rushing

When Joseph was praying

When hope entered the world  

If I were your doula, I would have aided

When the time came for nursing

When your healing needed tending

When you prepared to begin 

If I were your doula I would have sung

When I walked home in the darkness

When the stars were bright shining 

When everything changed  

Please watch and listen to this beautiful "Labor of Love" by Jill Phillips:

Kourtney Street is a native Texan, turned global nomad thanks to Rich, her husband of 16 years. The Streets joyfully serve together on staff with Cru in Global Digital Strategies. Kourtney’s days start with strong coffee and are infused with life, sports, and laughter via her three sons. She reads voraciously, writes sporadically, and loves with her whole heart. This week she served as a doula at the birth of her first nephew, Ethan James Street. Find her at