Words of My Life: Mentor


It seems that age, experience and leadership bestow the title of mentor. At least I’ve seen that with many others, and more than I ever expected for myself.

I’m more the exhorter and encourager than the mentor, at least in my mind. But since people tell me I’ve been a mentor to them, I think it’s good to consider what kinds of things I’m passing on.

Or at least, what qualities and characteristics I hope I model that others might ”catch” from my life. Here are seven attributes I think God has grown in me to varying degrees that I would love to share with those I influence.


I love to be around encouraging people—I have several friends who always lift me up. I believe the primary calling in my life is to encourage. That may mean to lift up or cheer up, but it just as often means to encourage to not quit, to believe and hope, to trust God in what He is doing in you and through you. I love to help people see a brighter future that God has for them. (Read more.)


My favorite author, Brennan Manning, calls “trust” faith in action. When our faith is real/strong/alive enough that we step out, take a risk, do something scary or bold or very good, that’s trust. Of course, the place for that trust is in God—even, especially, in the most challenging situations. For that kind of trust comes from believing that God is God and God is good. He is trustworthy. (Read more.)


Trust and prayer go hand in hand. When I pray and God responds, my trust grows. As I learn to trust God more and more, I quickly go to Him in prayer. My prayers include praise, thanks, questions, my honest feelings, my fears, my hopes, listening—and of course asking. God invites us to all of those conversations—He loves to talk with us. (Read more.)


This is the big one for me. One of the two most important truths I have learned to live by: In everything give thanks. (1 Thessalonians 5:18) Giving thanks is easy when we like our circumstances, but very difficult when life is painful or scary or uncertain. When I say “Thank You, Lord,” I am acknowledging that I believe He is God and He is good and I can trust Him. (Read more.)


And this is the other big one for me. Jesus made it clear: Apart from me you can do nothing. (John 15:5). Nothing! Then He gave us an impossible assignment to make disciples throughout the world. Fortunately He didn’t leave us destitute. He sent His Holy Spirit, who provides for everything we need: wisdom, comfort, encouragement, memory, reminders of all that Jesus taught, courage, power. I just need to remember to quit trying to do it—anything—on my own and to ask His Spirit to keep me filled up with all that He is. (Read more.)


Now here’s a reality. Often it will be hard.   Sometimes it will take a long time. During those long times I get to practice dependence and trust and giving thanks. I look for those who will encourage me. And I pray a lot. It calls for perseverance. (Read more.)


Finally, I am oh so grateful for the grace of God. Over and over God has given grace to me when I have failed, resisted, sinned. He provides all I need time and again. He comes when I call. And that ever present grace toward me grows within me the desire to extend grace to the people in my life. And that is something I would love to pass on to everyone—live a life of grace. (Read more.)

What about you? What would you like to pass on to people in your life?

C2015 Judy Douglass