Celebration and Vision for Our Son

Adoption day for Josh

Adoption day for Josh

August 10, 1995, was a momentous day for our family.

That’s the day that Joshua, our foster son for three years, became our official son.

Yesterday we held a small celebration in honor of Joshua Douglass and his 20 years as a part of our family.

Those 20 years have been filled with adventure, challenges, tears, many joys and much prayer.

Thirteen years ago, when Josh was 20, God gave me a vision for Josh—one that was hard to imagine then.  We have continued to pray for this vision to be true in his life. We have seen some of these promises as true, others that are moving strongly in that direction, a few that are still to come.

Here is that vision for Josh: May he continue to grow into the man God created him to be.

What about you? What visions for your life has God revealed?

C 2015 Judy Douglass