The Redbud Post: The Creator’s Beauty Revealed in His Daughters


One of the privileges of being a member of the Redbud Writers Guild is the opportunity to write for The Redbud Post. I love the theme of the June issue: All Creation Proclaims His Glory: Finding God in Creation. In this article I celebrate the creation beauty of His daughters.

I love sunrises, sunsets. The grandeur of mountains, the movement of the ocean, the starkness of the desert—all engage my senses.

But nothing captures my heart like the beauty of God revealed in His created image bearers, especially in His daughters.

I see God in my husband, my children, and now, especially, my grandchildren.  Friends, neighbors, and co-workers reflect his loveliness. And surely his artistry shines in the broken, the abandoned, the sick, the homeless, the refugee. I could joyfully do a photo study on any of those.I have a passion for his image in his daughters. I so appreciate those women who have given their lives to serve the God who created them. So now, I celebrate true Kingdom Women--…Keep reading at The Redbud Post