7 Things God Loves to Hear from Me (and You)

Lingering (my word this year) with God is a long learning journey for me. Sometimes I do well, other times not so much. This much I know: It’s a two-way conversation. He talks and I (hopefully) listen. And I talk—and He listens. He graciously receives all my requests, but I wonder if He isn’t eagerly waiting to hear some special words from me.

I love to hear words like these from people I care about. So I think God will smile when I say these 7 phrases to Him.

Thank You!

For your love

For salvation through Jesus

That you are always with me

For Your Word—living and written

Even for “this”—what ever is hard in my life

Fill me with your Spirit, Lord.

I can do nothing on my own

But nothing is impossible for You

Comfort, encouragement, courage

Wisdom, oneness, peace

Protection, power, freedom

Have mercy on me.

For all my sin

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

So I can forgive others

Keeping me from temptation

Reminding me that my sin is covered, paid for, buried…

More grace, please.

To love those who aren’t so lovable

To care about what you care about

To treat people as you would treat them

To love with actions, not just words

For courage on the hard days, months, years

I trust You

You are God

You are good

You are always looking to do good to me

You will redeem

You know, you care, you can

I surrender…

My way for Your way

My plans, my schedule

My fears, my disappointments

My needs, my desires

All that I love, hold dear

I love you

Because you loved me first

You told me to love You and everyone

You showed me how to love unconditionally and sacrificially

You draw me with your loving kindness

Because you are utterly lovely and trustworthyI have other things I say, but these keep me on my knees—even on my face—before Him and open my heart and mind for all He wants to say and do in and through me.

What about you? What do you say to God?

C2017 Judy Douglass