GodTools: The Gospel on Your Phone in 62 Languages by Ann Cochrum

I’m pleased to have Ann Cochrum guesting on Kindling today, telling us about an amazing digital app for spreading the gospel all over the world.


“Would you be willing to answer the emails that come to the support inbox for the GodTools app?”

Three and a half years ago, that question started me on a journey into the digital world that has stretched me in ways I could have never predicted. Our Global Digital Strategies team had just decided to put some new effort behind the app, which presents the good news of how to know and follow Jesus Christ. The team recognized this served a real need to have our key tools and classic DNA in digital form.

I had been serving on the digital team for a number of years, mainly leading prayer and working with Marilyn Adamson on EveryStudent.com. This simple request to answer emails slowly turned into the role of Product Manager–let’s just affirm that God works in mysterious ways.

Since that time, I have learned countless new skills and have enjoyed watching GodTools grow from having only two languages to now 62 languages, with multiple updates. GodTools 5.0 hit the app stores in July 2017.

In the past 12 months the tool has been used 470,000 times by more than 114,000 people, averaging nearly five minutes per session, in every nation of the world except two: Turkmenistan and North Korea. We’re praying specifically to see those two nations change.

People reach for GodTools for several reasons:

It’s always with them.

Many of us were trained with paper tracts (mine always get crumpled up in my purse), but if we trade purses or find ourselves in an unexpected opportunity–we almost always have our phones with us and therefore we always have a means of sharing the good news with others.

It’s in 62 languages.

This multilingual capability allows you to communicate with others who don’t speak your language. The one-tap toggle switch between languages is one of the main improvements of the most recent app update.One day, when I was getting a pedicure, I found myself getting into a conversation with Thy, from Vietnam. It was so cool to be able to open the app and show her in her own heart language what I was trying to communicate about God. I was able to share a link with her by text so that she could look at it more when she had time.

It makes the gospel clear and therefore gives users confidence to share their faith.

If you’ve never shared your faith before, there’s nothing special that you need to know. You can just pick one of the tools and it gives you a clear outline of the gospel message. The app also offers instant email follow-up to someone who wants to know more or indicates a decision to receive Christ.

It can be used to easily equip others.

As our expedition teams (global outreach teams) find key volunteers in new cities and campuses, they are able to equip them with a gospel-sharing tool before they move on to their next location.

Here are some things that we’ve heard from users via the support inbox:

  • “Wanted to let you know God gave me a divine appointment today and I was able to use the GodTools app to help share the Gospel. In the end our new brother, Issac, submitted his life to Christ!!! Praise God!!!”

  • “Our team over the past week and a half have seen 7 students believe--several using the GodTools app. Today I sat with a girl and went through it, and she accepted Christ! Yesterday, a girl loved the app so much, that between law 3 and 4, she downloaded the app onto her phone.”

  • “Thanks to the GodTools app, I feel like I was able to squeeze many hours of discipleship and evangelism training into about 20 minutes and leave her with all the tools she needs to proclaim Christ boldly on her campus.”

  • “Shared KGP (Knowing God Personally) with a naval officer and he came to Christ! So cool that it was on my phone!”

    Our team’s prayer for this, and all our digital tools, is that they would hasten the fulfillment of this prophecy: “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas.” (Habakkuk 2:14)

    Personally, what makes me most excited about GodTools is that it’s being used in places where we can’t always go. On average, the app is opened in 180 countries every month. It seems that the Holy Spirit has a way of getting this tool into the hands of those who are seeking to know and make him known. To him be the glory!Here are two videos that will help you get started:

    Introductory video

    How to use GodTools video


Besides serving on the Product team, Ann Cochrum enjoys getting to know God better, hanging out with her husband, Ken, and connecting with her family who are spread over three other states. She still can't get over all the amazing birds in Orlando and finds great joy in being outdoors.