Missionary Journey of Prayer: What I Know by Gail Dudley

I’ve been wanting a guest post by Gail Dudley for some time. When I read her reports from her several weeks at a prayer retreat in Germany, I knew I wanted you to experience that with her. May “what she knows” expand “what you know” about a deepening relationship with our God.


It has been three months since my missionary journey of prayer to Herrnhut, Germany. This journey was an international convening to mark the 290th-year anniversary of the revival in Herrnhut.

We engaged in the Moravian movement that came from an outpouring which sustained 150 years of continuous night and day prayer that launched a prayer missions movement around the world. This missionary journey of prayer was birthed out of the community transformation that both ushered-in an amazing presence and power of God, and from a spiritual awakening from generations past and for generations to come.

My time in Germany was fruitful and life changing. Day in and day out I kept notes in a journal as I tried to record everything that God was revealing specifically to me. As I packed to depart Germany after two and a half weeks, I made sure to carry my journal onto the flight to capture further reflections.

As we winged our way back to The United States, I sat staring out of the airplane window, numb. I tried to put my notes in some sort of order to capture every experience, connection, interaction, and words spoken during the journey. I was so filled that I was unable to make clear sense of all that I had encountered. I was overwhelmed just meditating on everything that had occurred.Upon arrival, after falling into my husband’s arms, he asked, “How was the prayer journey?” To my surprise I started crying uncontrollably. Not tears of sadness, but tears of feeling grateful and still in awe of the opportunity to be a participant on the missionary journey of prayer. No matter how hard I tried to verbalize my experience, I could not.

Three months later and I continue to process.

So much to unpack, and yet I am still unable to put all the pieces together.

Wittenberg Theses Doors

Wittenberg Theses Doors


Journey of Prayer

What I know is that prayer has a way of moving you to a more intimate relationship with Jesus. Flying to Germany I asked God to reveal to me the manifestation of his glory. I asked God to give me clarity and the ability to understand who I am in Christ. I wanted to know why I had been called to the ministry of prayer. I wanted to understand how I have been able to pray for others, but find it difficult to pray for myself. I wanted to sense His presence on a more intimate level.During this missionary journey of prayer God granted my request just like He did for Jabez. In 1 Chronicles 4:10 we read, “Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, ‘Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.’” And God granted his request. For the first time in my life I know God granted my request.


A Way to God's Heart

What I know is that prayer is a way to God’s heart. The journey started in Berlin. The first morning I was asked to lead the devotional time. Part jetlagged and part in awe of being in Germany, I began my time with prayer. I started the devotional reading Genesis 24, about Abraham’s chief servant departing to look for a wife for Isaac. I shared how the servant did as he was asked and encountered Rebekah as he was praying.I felt the Holy Spirit impressing upon me to share with the team that, as we departed into new territory, as we traveled from Berlin to Herrnhut, God was going to answer prayers as we prayed. Prayer is indeed to the heart of God. It’s a special love language we have with Jesus.


Authentic Relationships

What I know is that prayer is also an opportunity to build authentic relationships among 200 people from 31 nations. Until Herrnhut, I had never been in fellowship with so many intercessors all in one place at the same time for the same cause. I had never experienced sharing in conversations, singing praises, studying God’s word, and praying prayers of intercession across many nationalities, and ethnic groups.Walls came down, and relationships were formed. Names will always be remembered, and I know that it was all from building authentic relationships under the anointing of God.

Powerful and Life Changing

What I know is that prayer is powerful. There’s a manifestation of God’s glory that hovers over His people to let us know He is indeed present. One night after a beautiful worship experience in Herrnhut, a young lady from South Korea ran into the worship space letting everyone know that the glory of the Lord was present. It was as if the crescendo climbed to the highest octave. What I know is that prayer is indeed powerful.

What I know is that prayer has changed me. I’m not the same person. I had an encounter with God in Herrnhut that, although I cannot quite articulate it, I will never forget. What changed? I was available to receive what God had for me. I pray differently now. I teach and preach differently now. I have a different kind of faith now. I believe differently now. I see differently now. What I know is that prayer changed me and for that I am grateful.

I never knew saying yes to an invitation extended to me would change my life. What I know is that I will always say “Yes” to Jesus. It is truly a matter of life and death. I am grateful I chose life in the spiritual, and death to my flesh.

What about you? What do you know about Jesus that has changed your life?


Gail Dudley is a native of Columbus, Ohio and a committed Christian focused on preparing believers for meaningful ministry. With a prayer calling on her life, she has found great joy in leading others to pray by hosting 24-hour prayer gatherings, writing books on prayer and hosting national prayer calls. Gail is an accomplished conference and workshop speaker who has been privileged to present the Gospel in Canada, England, South Africa, Germany, and Zimbabwe, equipping and motivating women around the world to walk boldly into their promised future. Gail is the author of seven books and many other training resources, and is the Editor-in-Chief for READY Publication, an edgy, different and content-rich quarterly magazine. She has previously worked as the Vice President of Diversity for an international women’s ministry and now continues to serve faithfully as a partner in ministry with The Church at North Pointe. Gail is married to Kevin and the loving mother of Alexander and Dominiq. You may contact Gail at www.GailDudley.com or info.gaildudley@gmail.com, on Facebook and Twitter @GailDudley.