Extending Hospitality when You Are an Introvert

Today I am writing at The Redbud Post--the theme is hospitality. Although welcoming guests has been a reality for me for decades, it is often challenging for me as an introvert. Here are some thoughts on how I have made it work:


I love face-to-face conversations with friends—long-time friends or brand-new friends. I do not prefer large social gatherings, mingling with people I barely know and engaging in shallow conversations. I also love extended time alone with a good book.

You guessed it. I am an introvert.

A major part of my job, though, is people. Lots of people. People I care about. Many of these people end up at our home for large and small gatherings.

My husband and I lead a large ministry, and we love to get to know new staff, to appreciate long-time members, to honor their children, to reach out to students, to celebrate upcoming weddings and soon-to-arrive babies, to host guests from other ministries.

Intimate groups of a few people are the best usually. Friends and guests alike settle in, open up, let each other in. The laughter rings true. Tears can flow.

Yet, even these small get-togethers can stall, filled with awkward silences. For my own comfort and for my guests, I have learned to plan ahead.

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What about you? What is your favorite way to welcome people?

c2018 Judy Douglass