The Table—Guest Posting at Scraping Raisins

Usually when God nudges, I listen and just do it. So when he said to invite the neighbors to dinner, I was willing. But when it meant buying a new dining room table, it took a little longer. You can read the great story God unfolded with our neighbors at Leslie Verner's Scraping Raisins blog:

neighborhood dinner

neighborhood dinner

It began with a small nudge—from God I believe: Invite your neighbors for dinner.

But what if they all come? My table isn’t big enough.

I began to look for the right table: seats 12 with an extension, light-to-medium brown, wide enough for two at each end, pedestal rather than legs, and I named a price.

A friend and I looked for two years: Craigslist, eBay, consignment stores, sales. It was not to be found. My husband suggested I just ask them to dinner and use two smaller tables.

I was sure I needed to find the table. But I was also sure I needed to invite the neighbors—two years had passed since that first nudge. So I made up simple invitations to a Texas-style barbecue and personally delivered them.

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