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-Judy Douglass


When you love a prodigal


Almost every family I know has a “prodigal”—someone who is making destructive life choices.

Loving a prodigal is usually a long and desperate journey, filled with fear, worry, anger, self-recrimination. You wait for the phone call—will it be from jail or the hospital? You plead with your loved one, then threaten him. You search for help. You feel the shame.

You cry out to God, “How long, Lord?”

When You Love a Prodigal: 90 Days of Grace for the Wilderness contains 90 brief devotionals. Thoroughly rooted in Scripture, it is a practical guide for thriving in the wilderness by living out love, mercy and grace.


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Shaped by God: Words for life

Life can be complicated and relentless. Day after day new activities, challenges and opportunities arise. In the midst of all that, how can a person intentionally develop and become better and stronger?

I’ve found a secret that has worked for me–and it will work for you also. It is not a multi-step plan or a 50-word statement. It is just one word. One at a time, God has used words to shape my life to be more like Jesus. He can do the same for you.

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Letters to My Children: Secrets of Success

On the first Monday of each month when my children were in high school, I wrote a letter to them describing a secret of success in life. Recently I compiled a year’s worth of secrets into a small book. Secrets of Success is a great gift for graduates or a helpful study for high school students.

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Until Everyone Has Heard: The First Fifty Years of Campus Crusade for Christ International (editor)

A few are available through Women’s Resources.  Contact Wanda.Rodriguez at

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