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Welcome to the When You Love a Prodigal launch team! Below you’ll find exclusive assets to help spread the word about this exciting new project. Thank you for being a part of our team. I couldn’t do this without you!


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  • Where to buy the book

  • The book trailer

  • The September 18th webinar with Judy

  • Audio and video interviews

  • A downloadable printable

  • A YouVersion devotional based on the book

  • Social media memes

Where to Buy When You Love a Prodigal

The best price right now (September 19, 2019) is through


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Share the FamilyLife Facebook Live

What are some of the gifts that come with the journey of raising a prodigal? Judy Douglass tells us about the ones she has received in her experience of doing this. You’ll be encouraged by what she has to say.

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Share a Podcast Interview of Judy and Her Story of Loving a Prodigal Pray Every Day Podcast - Judy Douglass

Today we hear from author, pray-er and speaker Judy Douglass. She shares a tough but redemptive story about loving a prodigal child, which not only helped her grow closer to Jesus, but also inaugurated an international ministry.

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Share a Printable: A Blessing for a Loved Prodigal

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Share these Scripture verses to bless your prodigal.

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Share This YouVersion Reading Plan

Youversion Reading plan - When you love a prodigal

Loving a prodigal is a long and desperate journey filled with fear, worry, anger, and self-doubt. You spend hours waiting, praying, and pleading. You search for help. You feel shame. You cry out to God, "How long, Lord?" This five-day audio study will feature conversations with Judy Douglass. An author and mother of a prodigal who speaks from experience, she offers hope to help others see God's grace and love.

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