Advent (2): Celebrating the Incarnation

I am loving pondering the ways Jesus has come to us, the reasons we celebrate the Advent Season, the meaning of the Incarnation.Here is the third week of my reflections on “Jesus comes as…”  For each one, I am asking God to reveal its meaning for my life today.Day 15:  Jesus comes as the Son of Man, fully human, understanding and identifying with us, imparting and imputing His righteousness to us.Day 16:  Jesus comes as the Son of God, dependent on the Father, holy, righteous, eternal.Day 17:  Jesus comes to set us free from slavery--to sin, to selfishness, to our fears and insecurities.Day 18:  Jesus comes as a servant, washing our very filthy feet.Day 19:  Jesus comes bringing good news to the poor, inviting them to His banquet and promising them the Kingdom of God.Day 20:  Jesus comes bringing freedom and hope to prisoners and the oppressed.Day 21:  Jesus comes giving sight to the blind—opening physical eyes and spiritual eyes.As we approach the birthday of our Savior, may He come to you in the place of your deepest need.<  Prev  Next  >