Rest on the Right Road: Worldwide Day of Prayer for Prodigals 7

This is another in a series of letters to those who have prodigals in their lives.  This is part 7 of the REST theme for this year’s Worldwide Day of Prayer for Prodigals on June 2.Dear Lover of Prodigals,When our former prodigal Josh was 15, and in one of his better times as a prodigal, he served for a week as a junior counselor at a wilderness camp for at-risk boys. One activity included a 5-mile hike, with each counselor leading a small group.Josh and his boys came to a crossroads, looking for the correct turn to take. Unfortunately they took the wrong turn, and their 5-mile hike turned into 10 miles. When they finally made it back to camp, they were sore, tired and unhappy.Choosing the wrong path is exhausting.Our theme verse for this year’s Day of Prayer tells us the same thing:This is what the LORD says:“Stand at the crossroads and look;ask for the ancient paths,ask where the good way is, and walk in it,and you will find rest for your souls.But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’ "Jeremiah 6:16Though Josh and his boys didn’t intend to choose the wrong path, they did. With significant consequences for them.Some of our loved ones have not meant to choose the wrong way, while others have willfully gone a bad direction. Either way, they are experiencing the consequences of being on the wrong path.Traveling the wrong road is exhausting.So our prayer for ourselves and our prodigals is that we and they will choose the right path.We ask God to open eyes and hearts to His love and goodness so that they will want to choose the right way.We pray that He will throw up big, thorny hedges to keep them in and evil out.We plead for people and circumstances that will encourage them away from destructive paths and onto the way of righteousness.We beg God to allow necessary consequences to show them the emptiness of the direction they are pursuing, but please don’t let them be destroyed in the process.These and many other prayers for our prodigals—to choose positive paths—are appropriate and right and hopeful for their future.And we should also be praying the same for ourselves.There is rest on the right road.So how are you doing as you prepare for June 2? Do you have needs or questions we could address or pray for? Will you be praying with others, or in your church, or as a couple, or by yourself? Do you have a friend or co-worker who needs our prayers?We don’t advertise, other than my posts on Twitter and Facebook. Yet God continues to bring many to our community—mostly as we tell others how He has ministered to us here.And please continue to update your requests—we love to know the latest requests and hopefully to hear how God is working.May you rest in God’s good paths.JudyIf you would like prayer for a loved prodigal, write to us at prayerforprodigalsatgmaildotcom.First <<     Prev <    > Next

en español: Descansa en el camino correcto: Día mundial de oración por Pródigos 7