The Power of Love-Prodigal Prayer Day and A Gift of Time (Free E-book)


Today is the day. June 2, 2014.

June 2, 2014—Worldwide Prodigal Prayer Day

The Power of Love

We all love our children—usually reasonably well, though of course not perfectly.

But when you love a prodigal, that love is challenged and questioned and even rejected.  Yet it is the most powerful tool a parent or sibling or friend has in wooing a loved one out of destructive choices and into a life with hope and a future.

The theme of this year's Prodigal Prayer Day is LOVE, and we have been preparing our hearts for this day on our knees by looking at God’s love for us and for our prodigals.

Because love is His best tool for wooing them as well.  You can read the first in the series of mini-devotionals on Love here

And you are welcome to join us in praying for prodigals you know today.  Or send me the first name of any prodigal you love that you would like prayer for.  Thousands around the world will be praying today.  Write me at PrayerforProdigals at  I will be checking throughout the day to add them to the list

A Gift of Time

Surely one of the most common questions asked by those who love a prodigal is, “How long, Lord?”

For all of us, time is such a controlling element. We don’t have enough time to do everything. We need to manage time, use time well, not waste time.  As our children grow we move between “will this phase ever end?” to “how did they grow up so fast?” When things are difficult or boring, time drags, yet when life is good, time flies.

But when you love a prodigal, it can seem like time stands still, or “will this never end?”

In 2013 our Prodigal Prayer Day theme was TIME.  I have gathered the mini-devotionals on Time into a small e-book: Loving a Prodigal:  Enduring Time.

And this e-book is yours free!!

In these brief devotional thoughts, we try to enter into God’s perspective on time, to rest in His timing and even to wait with hope and expectancy.  May all that happen for you as you read this little book.

To download your free copy of Loving a Prodigal: Enduring Time in your preferred format, click here and follow the instructions.  And feel free to share it with friends and family.

May you be blessed by God’s unfailing love for you and for any prodigal you love, and may you grasp God’s good intentions for this time of your life.

C2014 Judy Douglass