On the Day You Were Born: Guesting at Bronwyn Lea

I recently returned from the Redbud Writers Guild retreat, where I met many of my writing sisters face to face.  One of them was Bronwyn Lea, a South African whose writing I greatly admire.  She has kindly asked me to guest on her blog.  You can start reading here, then click over to her page to read the rest of this post to see what God was doing On the Day You Were Born.


For baby gifts I give books. Old favorites, new releases, baby board books, picture books. And usually one of several Day/Night You Were Born books.

These birth books are celebrations of the new life that has joined a family. Each recounts in different ways the heavens and the earth, animals and people, all of creation rejoicing at the arrival of this child “because there has never been anyone like you…ever in the world” (On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman)

I’m sure a similar story was told on the day you were born, the night I was born.

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