Becoming Kindling

I suppose I could be called an arsonist.I’ve been known to start a few fires.  Literal ones—in the fireplace of course, so warm and inviting.  A few at a campground—though camping has never been my thing.  And several in the kitchen.But I am much more interested in starting fires in minds and hearts.  To be kindling to ignite, stir up, excite.I had the privilege of being mentored by Bill Bright, a charter member of the Fellowship of the Burning Heart.  He often said, “My heart is aflame within me.”  That fiery spirit gave him a passion for reaching the lost, a faith to believe God for impossible tasks, a supernatural energy to keep going no matter what.I want such a fiery spirit.  I want to think beyond the obvious and ordinary.  I want to believe that God wants to do more in me and through me than I can ask or imagine.  I want to be filled with God’s passion and compassion for the lost, the hurting, the needy, the rebellious.  I want my life to make a difference for others—now and for eternity.And I want God to use me as a fire starter—to be kindling to others.  I want them to grasp how much God loves and cherishes them.  But I also want to encourage and challenge them to allow God to set their hearts aflame.God sets hearts on fire through His fiery Holy Spirit, living in, filling, controlling—inflaming hearts and minds and bodies.  And turning us into fireseeds—sparks that spread the holy flames of God’s love and forgiveness.That’s my dream for this blog—to share my journey as kindling for wildfires that ignite sweeping transformation in God’s children around the globe.c Judy Douglass