I am a fan of windows.  I love light coming in and I love looking out.  I enjoy feeling like I’m outside while comfortable in my air conditioning (I do live in Florida).

I especially love my Florida room—it is almost all windows.  We can look out into the woods behind our home, watch the raccoons sneaking after the cat food, listen to the frogs and alligators and enjoy the deer who often nap in our back yard.

I am also a fan of windows for the mind and heart—to let light in, to welcome new ideas, to shake up thinking, to foster dreams.  And that is why I am such a fan of Synergy

The theme of the Synergy conference that starts tonight (March 5, 2010) is Conflict in the Story:  The Shaping of a Leader’s Soul.   I believe that, once again, God will use Synergy to open heart and mind windows for both men and women.

When I watch my sisters listen to Carolyn Custis James, president of Synergy, talk about God’s great intentions when He created women, I see lights go on, eyes brighten; hope appears.   Fresh perspectives from Genesis 1 and 2 reveal the power of the ezer--the woman as a helper like God is a helper to His children.  A new vision of purpose and possibility fills those hearts and minds.

Then the commission for men and women to work together for God’s Kingdom in a blessed alliance transforms the male/female conflict into a dynamic partnership.  When brothers and sisters use their gifts together, they discover great fruitfulness and a winning coalition against that relentless enemy of our souls.

As we let this streaming in light illuminate how God wants to use us, we see open doors we had never noticed and we have the courage to venture through them.  Of course, then the battle intensifies, and this year’s Conflict in the Story will equip women and men—God’s daughters and sons—to stand firm even as they experience the sanctifying work of the Spirit.

If you won’t be joining us at Synergy, you can go to to listen to last year’s messages.  And soon, this year’s messages.

So open the windows! Can you feel the fresh air?  Can you hear God better?  What is He saying?  Do you see the door opening on a bold path?  Will you step through and risk it?

He can see the future and He promises to go with you.

c Judy Douglass