You Raise Me Up

I love to listen to Josh Groban sing--what a powerful voice!   I especially love"You Raise Me Up."This song inspires me to believe God for MORE and to want to encourage others to do the same.   Just look at these words:You raise me up to stand on mountains:   To be strong and courageous as I follow where God leads me, to go to the highest places He has prepared for me.  To trust Him to give me "hind's feet on high places" in His journey for me.You raise me up to walk on stormy seas:  Each of us has storms in our lives. Too often as we follow Peter and step into the stormy waters, we also take our eyes off Jesus and begin to sink.  When we call out, "Lord, save me," He is faithful to reach out and raise us up.I am strong when I am on your shoulders:  Think of a dad lifting his child to his shoulders--because he is too tired to go on, or so he can see over all those towering above him.  And then remember all those who have built into your life, who have blazed trails and attempted the impossible and opened doors--so you are able to go where God is leading you.  God gives strength--through His Spirit and the people in our lives: He carries us on His shoulders.You raise me up to more than I can be:   Most of us just hope to become all we can be.  But God will raise us up to MORE than we can be.  He wants us to be more like Jesus, to reflect more of His glory, to trust Him more completely.  We may have big dreams for our lives, but God's dreams for us are more than we can imagine.God calls us higher, and I am so grateful.  He reaches out and raises me up to the highest mountains, in the stormiest sea, on His very own shoulders--to more than I can ever be on my own.c Judy Douglass