Making Sure You Get to See the Blogs You Want

Do you follow Kindling?  I am so grateful.  I hope it encourages and challenges you.

I follow a number of blogs—through Networked Blogs (where Kindling is) and Google Reader.  I thought  that following them using Networked Blogs would put the blogs on my Facebook Wall, but that is not the case. Some show up in my News Feed, which I may or may not see.   For others I have to go looking in order to see the blogs.  And I have to remember to go to Google Reader to see those.I have found that the only way to make sure I see the blogs I want to see is to subscribe to them.  Which I have done for a number of blogs I want to read regularly.So I wanted you to know, if you desire to see Kindling regularly, you might want to subscribe.  You can do that by clicking on the Email Subscription link at the bottom right of the Kindling page.  Then it will always appear in your inbox (I post about once a week) and you can choose to read or not.Thank you for joining me in seeking to set hearts and minds on fire!