25 Things I Have Learned About God

I seem to be a slow learner.  God keeps needing to teach me the same lessons over and over.  So I've tried to put some of those lessons learned into succinct words/slogans/adages.  These then become "self-talk" as I remind myself at appropriate times that God has told me this before.  Hopefully I will choose to live accordingly.Perhaps a few of these will be useful to you.1. God is God and God is good.2. God is more committed to my character than my comfort. But He comforts me while he works on my character.3. The work of God is done on our knees. Then we go find out what happened.4. Never settle for less than God’s best.5. Tell God the truth about how you feel. He can handle it.6. Thank God—even for the hard stuff. This expresses trust and opens the door for Hisgood to come from it.7. Look for the good—be alert to see God’s amazing love at work.8. He knows, He cares, He is able.9. Unconditional love doesn’t require love in return.10. God never gives up on me.11. God is always looking for ways to do good to me.12. His way is always better than my way.13. He made me just the way I am to do what He created me to do.14. What he asks me to do, He enables me to do.15. The greener grass was spray painted by the evil one.16. God gives mercy for the past, grace for the present, hope for the future.17. God is singing a love song to each of us.18. I love the word impossible—because it isn’t in God’s vocabulary.19. God’s commands are promises.20. God raises me up to more than I can be.21. The devil is a liar who tries to masquerade as truth.22. God remembers that I am dust—and takes the broken pieces of my life and makes them into something beautiful.23. Sometimes I need to take things off the throne of my life and put them on the altar.24. Women are mission critical to the God’s plans.25. God desires to do more in me and through me than I can ask or imagine.c 2010 Judy Douglass