“Where is your faith?”

I saw her being baptized.  Then I heard her story.Speaking softly, Diah told of coming to Christ, of rejection by her family, of the risk to her life.  Then she said boldly, “I’m ready to die for my people.”Widi and his gang were fanatics, terrorizing believers, attacking churches.  Then they met Jesus and experienced His love.  Now they speak in mosques and schools, telling of the change Jesus has brought to their lives.In another area Muslims and Christians decided to work together.  They initiated a program to help keep students off drugs.  Part of the effort included making the Jesus film available—70 students asked for a copy.“Where is your faith?”  is a question Jesus asked His disciples on several occasions.  He had given them so many evidences of His ability to take care of any need, yet still they doubted.In this nation, believers in Christ have every reason to doubt, to fear, to hold back.  Yet they don’t.   Whether they are from Muslim areas in the north or Hindu areas to the south, giving their lives to Christ brings great risk.  At the least they will be rejected by family.  In many cases their lives are in jeopardy.Yet they persist.  In 18 months in one place 72 came to Christ.  In another area seven new churches have begun to shepherd more than 800 new believers.  Public baptisms confirm their new faith and announce it to a hostile world.What would Jesus say to these followers?  Not “Where is your faith?”He would say, “What amazing faith!”(Names have been changed.)c 2010 Judy Douglass