Why Should You Go to Synergy2011?

It’s almost here: Synergy2011!  March 4-6, in warm Orlando!You will hear from:Sheryl WuDunn, co-author of Half the Sky (Watch her on Ted here)Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making, an editor at Christianity TodayNikki-Toyama-Szeto, Urbana Program DirectorCarolyn Custis James, Synergy president and author—she will introduce her new book--Half the Church!You will meet amazing women and men, critical thinkers, passionate about serving God and making a difference in our world!You will participate in real-life, practical workshops!You will discover why these attendees are so enthusiastic:

  • So glad I came...stretched...at times uncomfortable.
  • God is obviously at work.  I continue to be impressed with the group of women who have found their way to this event. Synergy is a community of gifted women who represent great potential for powerful ministry in the name of Christ.
  • What I love about Synergy is the balance. It's refreshing and I am very encouraged to not be afraid to pursue where I believe God is leading.
  • Synergy was a place of dialogue, growth and connection for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the many speakers.  I appreciated that these women not only spoke the truth, but also shared their stories and experiences, giving feet to their concepts.
  • So encouraging to be with women God is radically using to bear his image. Encouraged me to MORE.
  • I enjoyed the Synergy Conference because it had substance; it was unlike any other women’s event I had been to.  Perhaps most important to me:  I thought the women at the conference--both participants and speakers--have a new outlook moving among women in ministry.  It was indeed infectious.

Spanish translation will be available!!Registration is still open.Come join us!