A Tribute to My Mama

My mother went to heaven almost four years ago.  I still miss her.Shortly before her departure, our family celebrated her 90 years on earth.  Most of us wrote  tributes to Mama/Annu as part of that celebration.  Here is mine:

Tribute to Mama

Mama, you have given me so many gifts.  Of course there are the many tangible gifts, the things, the jewelry, the clothes.  And financial gifts—most everything we have done to fix up our house comes from your kindness.  I am so grateful!But I am even more grateful for the intangible gifts you have given me.Emotions.  No one denies that you have plenty of emotions.  And I seem to have received a good share of them.  But those emotions allow me to live my life with joy and passion and a whole heart.  Thank you.Tenacity.  Some people probably call this stubbornness.  You have it and so do I.   But it is a great quality that enables us to push through, stick it out, not give up, never settle for less.  I wouldn’t want to be without tenacity, because I don’t think I could have lived through my life without it.  Thank you.Generosity.  Many have mentioned this quality in you—because it is perhaps your most defining one.  You have given and given and given.  We have all benefited.  And I am so grateful that you have passed that on to me.  One of my greatest joys in life is to give.  Since I don’t have a lot of tangible things to give, I have learned to give in other ways—through love, listening, encouragement and prayer.  Thank you.So please accept my thanks, my gratitude, my appreciation for the multitude of gifts you have given to me.  My life is so much richer because you are part of it!I love you,Judyc2011 Judy Douglass