Celebrate the Creator

My name is Judith.  It means “praise of the Lord.”So if you ask me about a purpose for my life, I say, to fulfill my name.Last year I was at a lovely hotel in Whistler, BC, Canada.  In an art gallery there were some glass sculptures, in different sizes and colors, of a woman with upraised arms.   She spoke of praise, celebration, cheering, exalting, applause.I loved it!  It beautifully portrayed what I want my life to be:  praise to God and cheering on the people around me.But I couldn’t justify the price.Some wonderful friends, though, went together and purchased one for me.  I love it.  I’m still moving it around in my home, deciding the very best place for it.And it is also a beautiful symbol of the Join the Applause event on Saturday, June 25.  Or visit the Join the Applause Facebook Page.So this is an invitation:  Join the Applause for our wonderful creator, God, Lord.  Wherever you are this coming Saturday, raise your arms and celebrate.But more than that, join with me to make every day of your life an ovation to our Lord!en español:  Celebra al Creador