Join the Applause

I walked to the platform to wrap up one of the most remarkable conferences I had ever been a part of. All of the 450 women from 90 nations at The Global Women’s Leadership Forum had the same sense:  God was smiling.He was so glad to love on and affirm and encourage his daughters, to assure them that He had amazing purposes in mind when he made each one. That he had only just begun to grow them into beautiful women for him to work in and work through for his kingdom.Because this wonderfull gathering had been largely my vision, the women rose in a spontaneous ovation to say thank you for my efforts to bring it into being.  I was totally taken aback.  So many others made it happen, did the work.  All deserved such applause.And it was such a God thing that He was one who truly merited such an ovation.Of course that is always true.  He deserves our gratitude, our worship…our APPLAUSE.So a day has been set aside—June 25—for us all to come together, wherever we are, to give God a standing ovation.  Here is your invitation: you come and celebrate?  At the beach, in the mountains, on the lake, in your backyard!  And send this on to invite others!JoinTheApplause.com español:  Únanse al Aplauso