Saying Good-bye

See you later…alligator.After while…crocodileToodle loo…kangaroo.Okey dokey…artichokeyThese phrases have been a frequent ritual for me and my grandboys.  Most times when we have parted, each to our homes, Carter, Aidan and now Ethan clamor to get to say at least one of our good-bye phrases.We did that today as they left.Only this time they weren’t driving 15 minutes away.  They were driving 15 hours away—to their new home in Indiana.  Last night at our family celebration we recounted many memories of their several years in Florida:  fishing, trips to Disney and Sea World, the beach, building a new fence, holiday celebrations, hours in our backyard on the swings, bounce house, slip n slide, time with cousin Maddy, riding the horses at Missy’s…and many more.This morning we all went to Aidan and Carter’s last soccer games, including pizza and trophies.  Aidan, who at not-yet-four has been a little inconsistent in his interest, scored a goal, and Carter had his best game yet.Sweet good-byes to all, hugs and kissesThey’re only a flight away.  We will see them in July.  We will visit and they will visit.   They’re not on the other side of the world.  But they are no longer on our side of town and part of our day-to-day life.And now, a few tears, some sweet time with Jesus, dinner out with my honey…See you later…alligator.