Flutterby: Who am I? Why am I?

In a burst of laughter and moonshine one fine and beautiful evening, Flutterby was born.  As her silver-blue cocoon shimmered in the starlight, she unfurled her wings and whinnied at the crystal night.For, you see, Flutterby was not a common bug or butterfly, but rather a smallest of small, winged, white flying horse.I can’t tell you how many times I read Flutterby, my favorite children’s story by Stephen Cosgrove and Robin James, to my children.  It is the story of Flutterby discovering who she was and what she was supposed to do.Flying as high as she could fly, and looking as far as she could look, Flutterby thought perhaps she was an ant, then a honeybee, then a butterfly.  But each time, the ants, bees and butterflies assured her she was not one of them.Sound familiar?  Who am I?  What am I supposed to do?We get an education to prepare to be and do what we are meant to be and do.  We change majors and even schools. Then we are thrust out into the world, like Flutterby, wondering…We try to find our fit, or to fit in.  We succeed a little, we fail a little.  We watch our friends with envy.  We take tests and assessments.  Time flies.  Still we seek answers:  Who am I and what am I supposed to do?When Flutterby found no answers, she wept.  A wise old Monarch butterfly listened to her story.   “You are you," he said.  "You have strong wings to fly so high.  You should be the Guardian Sentry of Fall.  You must watch for the approach of the winds of frost and warn the ants and bees and butterflies so they can hide from the winter."God tells us that He was there when we were made.  He intricately designed us—and proclaimed “a masterpiece” when we were born.  Anticipating our Flutterby questions, He said, “I’ve already prepared the things I want you to do.  I made you for a purpose, and I will show you who you are and what you are supposed to do.”My part?  Seek.  Listen.  Trust.  Obey. Persevere.  Rejoice.Who are you, and what are your supposed to do?c 2011 Judy DouglassFlutterby:  Story by Stephen Cosgrove, art by Robin JamesScripture:  Psalm 139:13-16; Ephesians 2:10