Open Hearts at Christmas

Christmas! Family time! Trees and decorations and carols and gifts. Traditions. Fabulous feasts.And the time when more people are open to meeting the one we celebrate.For many years now, women across the U.S. and around the world have used this festive time to invite neighbors in, serve them yummy goodies and open the conversation about the true meaning of Christmas.Of course, this is best done in the context of ongoing relationship with those neighbors. But it is remarkable how people’s hearts are open to talk, learn, even meet Jesus.My friend Joyce Bademan has been doing such Christmas Gatherings for several decades. She has recently put all the ideas and resources online—available free to you. Here is her invitation:Are you looking for a Christmas program that effectively reaches outside of the usual social circles? Even if you thought that talking about Christ is something people just don’t do anymore with their neighbors and coworkers, Christmas Gatherings provide a unique opportunity in our culture.During the holiday season, talking about Jesus as part of the Christmas tradition is a very natural thing to do. The question is “How can we make the most of this opportunity?”Christmas Gatherings provide opportunities to talk about God’s gift through Jesus and invite people to Bible studies.Now, the resources to host your own Christmas Gathering are right at your fingertips! A newly designed, easy-to-navigate website has been created to give you all the helps you need for a successful party!Visit to get started.We are excited to offer you informative videos and links that answer just about every question you might have. These training videos are designed to give you step by step guidance from invitations, to speakers, to hosting, and much, much more. Christmas Gatherings have spread across the nation – and the world – by word of mouth and by people like YOU sharing the idea with a friend. Often, it results in an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in homes, churches, clubs or wherever women gather for a meal or dessert.But this event is not just for women. It is a perfect opportunity for couples to gather for a holiday event with a purpose – to share an evening of fellowship, and the best news we can share at Christmas-time.Won’t you consider forwarding this to your friends, your pastor and women’s ministry director – even to missionaries you or your church supports?Or, consider hosting a gathering this year yourself. If you have already hosted a party, perhaps you could encourage a couple of friends to watch the training videos with you and HOST a party.I look forward to hearing how you have used this unique tool.Joyce Bademan