Thanks for 200 Posts

In honor of my Kindling post #200, I want to say thank you to my readers.I am so grateful for those who take time to read what I write.  I certainly hope Kindling has been an encouragement to you—and trust it has ignited a few fires in your heart and mind.I would like to invite you to subscribe to Kindling, if you don’t already.  I subscribe to blogs I want to be sure to see, so they come to my inbox.  I may not read them all, but I don’t have to go looking for them.  They come to me.  So all you have to do to ensure that Kindling comes to you is click on the Subscribe icon in the upper right corner.I also want to invite you to enter into conversation on Kindling.  I would love to hear from you:  Do you have thoughts or responses to a particular article?  Topics you would love to see me address?  Concerns you want to express?Of course, I would be additionally grateful if you recommend Kindling to your friends.And I would love to pray for you.  Let me know if I can do that with some specific requests.May your Thanksgiving celebration be joyful and filled with gratitude to our very good God.