All In

“I’m with you heart and soul.”The soldiers of Israel are hiding from the Philistines.Jonathan, son of King Saul, felt God could rescue them “by many or by few.”  So he said to his armor bearer, “Let’s  go over to the Philistines and see what God will do.”Crazy.  Wild.  Insane.  Two against thousands.Surely this young armor bearer—not soldier, armor bearer—thought, Tonight I die.He might have wanted to say, “Jonathan, you go right ahead.  I think I will stay here in hiding.”But he didn’t have that option—he had to do what his leader said.Apparently that didn’t enter his mind.  His response: “Do it!  Go ahead! I'm all in.  I am with you heart and soul.”Heart and soul.He would risk it all.  Face danger. Confront the enemy.  Die even.The result?  Jonathan and his brave partner killed about 20 Philistines—they knew God was with them.And the other thousands?  They panicked and fled.  Saul rallied his troops and took off after them.  It was a rout.Wow!Wonder where I would have been?  Hiding with the fearful or charging heart and soul with the Lord?And you?c 2011 Judy Douglass