Three Women: What a Difference They Made in My Life (1) by Bill Bright

I had the great privilege of writing and editing with Bill Bright for 14 years.  One my favorite articles of his was one about the three people who had influenced him the most in life:  his mother, a single church leader/educator and his wife, Vonette.  I am going to let him tell you about each one over the next few weeks.First, though, he shares some of his perspective on Jesus’ view of women.For thousands of years, with few exceptions, women have occupied a lowly place in society.  Prior to the time of Christ, women were regarded as little more than slaves or sex objects.  Frequently they were looked upon as merely property to be dealt with as the men wished, or as something of no importance.Even the Orthodox Jews then (and some still today) said in their prayers, “Blessed are You, Lord God… for not having made me a woman.”Our Lord performed a revolutionary role in elevating women from their bondage.  In the case of the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus broke several social customs to speak to her about her spiritual needs.  He knew she had a heart.  As a result she brought practically the entire town to hear the words of life.Women of wealth, women of no wealth, religious women and immoral women were liberally sprinkled among the multitudes who crowded around our Lord to hear His words.  He had a special concern for the spiritual condition of women.Through spending His time and exercising His compassion for them, Jesus showed that women are very important in God’s plan.  And women are equally important in our day as well.Today women in our society are taking on roles that have much more visibility than in the past.  Others still work in more traditional, behind-the-scenes ways.  Women in both roles are vitally important.  Both have the potential of making a long-lasting influence for Christ on our world.I suppose that I appreciate as much as anyone the impact women can make in our world.  The three most influential people in my life have been women.Next week:  Bill’s mother.C1987 Campus Crusade for Christ, inc.Bill's Mother  >   Dr. Henrietta Mears  >>   Vonette Bright  >>>