Sailing with My Office Team

One of my great privileges is to work with a wonderful, gifted, diverse group of women in our Women's Resource Center.Our purpose is to serve, encourage, equip and develop the women of our ministry around the world.   We seek to accomplish those things in a lot of different ways, but always with the objective to help every one of our staff women to be making her best contribution to our mission at every season of her life.We also do a variety of things to encourage each other and build our team.  We just returned from a special time together, as guests of my good friend Tim and Jan Solomon of Key Sailing in Sarasota.  Their beautiful boat was perfect, as was the magnificent day.   Capt. Tim and First Mate Jan showed us the sights of Sarasota and Siesta Key, and Jan served us homemade Cuban flan and chocolates (always served on Key Sailing cruises).The highlights:  catching up on each other's lives/stories and just relaxing!  So grateful.Here are a few pictures to give you a glimpse of our amazing excursion!