Do You Remember How to Fly?

Have you ever flown?  I have.In a recent blog post, Randy Elrod asked, “Do you remember when you could fly?”I do.  Absolutely.  It used to happen often.  Now it is a rare occurrence.I’m sure I was dreaming, but it seemed totally real.  I could fly.  Not usually high in the sky, but just around the house or the neighborhood.  When I needed to go somewhere, I just lifted up and flew wherever I need to go.  I was so free.Randy’s point had to do with creativity—that children are totally creative, but by age 7 most have lost most of that creativity.But I am thinking of a relationship with God.Remember when it was new and fresh?  When you felt clean and shiny?  When the future seemed full of hope and possibility?  When you thought you could do anything with God?I know.  Some stories had different beginnings.  But for many coming to Jesus was truly a new beginning.Recently I had a conversation with five young daughters of God.  We talked about running our own race (Heb 12:2) and how hard that is sometimes.  Things aren’t what we expected.There were questions about dreams for the future:

Are they from God?

Sometimes.  Often, if they persist.  Ask Him.

Do I have to give up my dreams to serve God? 

Maybe.I had to give up two dreams to go where God was leading me.  One was to marry the man I was engaged to.  The other was to say no to my dream to be a magazine writer and editor.  The first he took away.  It was nine years before He brought the right marriage partner, but he was worth waiting for.  The second, to write and edit, he immediately gave back to me.  Only it was much better than I had dreamed.I may not have have to give up my dreams, but I do have to give up my right to my own way. I have to keep an open hand.  Usually, however,  God wants to use that dream to accomplish the good works He created me for.

Can I follow my dreams and have hope to see them come true?

Of course that can happen.  Probably not exactly as I imagined.  Rarely when I planned.  God will have many purposes in mind in those dreams.  And certainly only in His power, not my own.In fact, God has issued a challenge:  Be creative.  Dream big.  Imagine wildly.  Ask for the whole world, the sky, the universe.  For my power will accomplish immeasurably more, exceedingly greater, above and beyond anything you can ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)Can you remember how to fly?  Oh yes.  God created you to fly.  To soar with eagles, to experience that more, to discover all that He created you for!What about you?  Can you fly?  Do you have dreams to pursue?

c2012 Judy Douglass