Letters to My Children: Secrets of Success--The Book


Letters to My Children: Secrets of SuccessI always considered myself rather intentional when it came to parenting. I took to heart the saying, Aim at nothing and you will surely hit it.I found parenting very challenging--and rewarding. From the time my children were very young I had a plan to help them grow into godly, responsible, creative adults. It was a fluid, way-of-life plan, not a rigid course of action. I was always looking for ways to build into their lives.So the year my three were 15, 16 and 17, I chose to share with them some of the principles I thought would encourage their success in life. On the first Monday of each month that year I wrote them a letter, conveying a different "secret of success." Things like Work Hard, Trust God, Accept Responsibility. Simple truths--biblical and practical. Admonition and motivation, hopefully.I've shared these "secrets" with others, who seemed to find them valuable. So I have put these principles into a small gift book. It is written with students in mind, but the truths apply to all of us.  You can read it in 30 minutes, but it will take a lifetime to live it out.   Twelve secrets make it a great 12-week study for a youth group.Letters to My Children: Secrets of Success is available through Cru Resources.Enjoy. What are some of your "secrets" for a meaningful life?NOTE: Follow a series of excerpts from the book.c2012 Judy Douglass